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On the 9th of August 2016, we will be hosting a 50 kilometre Cancer Awareness Walk which will start at 5 am and finish just after 6 pm. The purpose for this walk is to raise cancer awareness and to raise funds for cancer patients. We are anticipating a minimum of 100 walkers Belgium Campus and cover areas such as Wonderpark, Madelief Centre, Wonderboom Airport, Chamberlain and Kolonnade, Makro and Spar Ninapark.

People can register either as a walker (participant) or as a volunteer. In order to take part in the charity walk, R1000 sponsorship is needed per walker.

You can also accumulate a minimum of R1000 through sales of the BC Big Walk stickers. The stickers will also qualify you to enter into a lucky draw. Stickers and the instructions should be picked up from the Belgium Campus administration office. The closing date for registration is the 19th of July 2016.

Registration as well as more information about the charity walk can be found on our website:

As Belgium Campus we are saddened to see that a number of our students are affected by cancer. It has always been perceived that cancer affects old people but now an increasing number of younger people is being diagnosed with the disease. Cancer is killing more people every year than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Belgium Campus cares for its community and also instils these values in its students.