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Mission report Manica - February 2015

In the week of 22 – 26 february, Francois Venter (Professor ICT, Belgium Campus), Mr. Jeroen Elsen and Mr. Janiels Nys (Trainee, Belgium Campus) went to Mozambique as part of the Research and Development activity of “Developing a low-cost remote monitoring system”. They were accompanied by Mr. Herminio Massingue (FUNAE HQ), Mr. Wilde Amaral (Maintenance technician, FUNAE Delegation Inhambane) and Mr. Jan Cloin.

They went on a mission with the aim to test and install six (6) solar PV monitoring systems in various types of solar systems. The objective of this Research and Development activity was stated as: “Investigate the operation of low-cost monitoring devices developed by the Belgium Campus to establish the functionality in support of preventative maintenance and increase performance of solar systems of FUNAE.”

The week scheme of the Belgium Campus team was quite busy: they installed monitoring systems in the Chipongo school, in the Health centre of Maufuiana and at the ECP/ Secundary school of Golo. They also visited the locality of Thevele in Massinga District to see whether they could install a monitoring system, but the system did not function because the OpzS battery was completely dry and because there were some problems with the battery.

At the end of the week a meeting was held with the Representative of the Inhambane Delegation, Mr. Juliao Castigo, together with Mr. Wilde Amaral (Technician Delegation), and the Belgium Campus team. Mr. Venter reported that the team had been able to install four monitoring systems and that they were sending data every 10 minutes as foreseen. He further indicated that the data was sent to a server in South Africa. Mr. Castigo informed how the data can be accessed by FUNAE and Mr. Venter informed that FUNAE would be given access to the website where the data per system is published.

It was agreed that BC would do further work on the two remaining pilot monitoring systems to make them applicable for installation in a solar system. The results were really satisfying though. The expectations are high because of these positive results and this may lead to a very interesting low cost monitoring product for application by FUNAE.

Mission Report Manica February 2015