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Representatives from companies such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and FNB recently visited Belgium Campus to scout for students. Yesterday, Sybrin also had the opportunity to talk to Belgium Campus students about their organisation. For the past five years, Sybrin has been offering in-service training to Belgium Campus students and this has proven to be successful exercise as they have experienced a high retention rate.

Brandon Paul, the Operations Director at Sybrin, South Africa applauded Belgium Campus students as he said they were a multidisciplinary group that is dedicated, resourceful and passionate about their careers. “We have about 29 students from Belgium Campus and I must say most of them are performing exceptionally well.”

Riek Basson, a former Belgium Campus student also gave a presentation on what this ICT giant offers students. “Sybrin provides a good grounding for students, you are not thrown into the deep end but you are taught how the industry operates. I am confident that if you are willing to work hard, you can get an internship and a job with us. The working environment is very dynamic, you are exposed to relevant industry experience and cutting edge technology, and they also pay very well,” he said.

Students showed great curiosity as they had endless questions for Riek. Most students wanted to know if Sybrin will be able to accommodate them as a considerable number of the students is studying Business Intelligence this year. They were assured that, whatever ICT interests they had, Sybrin has a career path available for them, and all it takes is passion and hard work.

Sybrin is wholly owned by E.O.H, one of the largest ICT service providers in Africa, but operates independently in more than 600 banks worldwide. Belgium Campus collaborates with ICT industry giants such as E.O.H in order to expose its students to the industry’s cutting edge technology and latest trends. Belgium Campus together with E.O.H is also currently facilitating a bridging course for the disabled.