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Belgium Campus Students present innovation projects at PennState

We take great pride in our students who were part of the exhibitors at the just ended PennState Engineering design exhibition. During this Design Showcase, students exhibit their innovation projects with the support of Penn State engineering faculty members and industry sponsors. The Showcase offered a great opportunity for our students to interact with industry sponsors and visitors alike.

Two groups comprised of Belgium Campus students and PennState students worked on two projects named Rapid Target Identification through Mini Drone Swarms and the Hope project. Both these projects were exhibited during the showcase. One was exhibited virtually and three of our students went to PennState for the exhibition.

One team worked on the Rapid Target Identification through Mini Drone Swarms project. This team was tasked by Lockheed Martin to develop a swarm of miniature drones that can fly together autonomously and communicate with one another to locate and identify a target. This team comprised of the following team members: Quintin van Wyk, Hendri Jansen and Onalenna Monare.


Henri Jansen one of the students working on this project said he has acquired priceless experience by being part of the team that travelled to the United States. “We had a great time, after doing this project virtually we finally met with our team members. Prof Mike Erdman was a great host, he introduced us during the exhibition and a lot of people came to us when they heard that we were from South Africa. Am sure they were curious as to what we had been working on.”