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Another Accolade!

Obtaining one’s Master Degree is something anyone would be proud of, but getting your work published in a magazine dedicated to innovation alongside the works of other thought leaders, that is a truly great accolade!  Someone who has achieved this accolade is Belgium Campus lecturer Enos Mabuto.

You may recall in a previous article that Enos has been awarded membership to the prestigious Golden Key International Honour Society. He was awarded this membership based on the research thesis he submitted to obtain his Master Degree of MSc Computer Sciences through the University of Pretoria.

Enos worked together with his Supervisor and Mentor, Prof. Hein Venter on his thesis entitled: Finding Digital Forensic Evidence in Document Counterfeiting. In his research, Enos covered aspects of digital forensics, a modern branch of Forensic science.  This branch of forensics encompasses the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices, often in relation to computer and electronic crime.  Enos’ thesis has gone on to be published in the 9th issue for 2014 of Innovate, the University of Pretoria’s Science and Engineering magazine. The magazine is available for download here and Enos’ research thesis can be found on page 80.

Belgium Campus is extremely proud of Enos and his achievements this far! As a lecturer at Belgium Campus, he truly is an inspiration to our students.