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Belgium Campus classroom runs on solar energy.

The Belgium Campus has taken another step forward by introducing its first ever green classroom. To be more energy efficient, the classroom known as “Gamma” now runs completely on solar energy. This is another example of how the Belgium Campus strives to be ahead of the current when it comes to technology and innovation.

The innovation did not stop with just simply converting the classroom to solar energy. Thanks to the help of a company known as Atlas Copco, a company that specialises in providing products and services aimed at making businesses more energy efficient, the Campus also replaced its existing desktop computers with more energy efficient laptops.

Atlas Copco is known for its innovative spirit, constantly launching products and services that increase customers’ productivity and are safer and more energy efficient than previous generations. Innovation is in their DNA, a characteristic that Belgium Campus and Atlas Copco share.  Atlas Copco has sponsored the Belgium Campus with 180 energy efficient laptops, which will be used to convert even more classrooms to solar energy.

Innovation at the Belgium Campus is a never ending journey. The Campus will still provide the industry with top class IT graduates, but do it while caring for the environment by using green energy.