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The Belgium Campus participated in an International Collaboration with Pennsylvania State University and KU Leuven. The Belgium Campus Students travelled to Pennsylvania to attend the Multi-Disciplinary Design Project Showcase. The first team arrived on Saturday, 5 December 2015.

On Monday Lionel, Riaan and Hermen, from the Borehole Probe Team, were taken on a tour of the Penn State Campus. They started at the Bryce Jordan Centre (where Showcase place). The size of the main library is remarkable. From street view you can see all the students researching quietly.

The final presentations of the projects took place in class on Tuesday. Upon arrival, Riaan, Hermen and Lionel were introduced to the class. The Control Actuation System Team went first, to accommodate for travel time to New York in order to fetch the South African teammates. The Borehole Probe Team presented their project and the class was asked to do a self-evaluation afterwards. Wednesday morning comprised of Lionel, Hermen and Riaan sharing their experiences with Charlottha and Arné. Both teams in their entirety were invited to have dinner at a local restaurant with Mike Erdman, the supervising professor, and Emma Hocker, the teacher’s assistant. After dinner the final touches of the projects were applied up until the early hours of the morning.

The teams reached the Showcase by means of walking and public transport in the form of busses. At the opening of the event it was stated that there were International projects and the visitors from South Africa were welcomed by name. The Showcase commenced; multiple judges visited the projects.

Lockheed Martin, the sponsor of the Control Actuation System, attended and stated that they were happy with the project outcome. The audience was intrigued with how the International collaboration functioned and impressed that it was possible to complete a project without any physical interaction. The hospitality of the American teammates, was overwhelming. Everybody, from the officials to the public, welcomed the South African students sincerely upon hearing about their travels.

A big thank you to Belgium Campus for making this experience possible and to the individuals at Penn State who gave us a glimpse of the American Dream.