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On the 7th of September, Belgium Campus 3rd year students had the opportunity to go to FNB (Bank City) to learn more about the internships on offer. The students experienced the company and its culture first hand.

 FNB is not just a bank; it is an innovation hub that specialises in technology and banking products. Its values are: “I’m innovative, I’m ethical, I’m helpful, I’m effective and I’m accountable”. FNB’s values start with “I’m” in order to encourage employees to take on these values for themselves.

Students heard what to expect from current interns. John-Sebastian Mphuthi, a current BCstudent, stated that FNBs internship is a great opportunity for BC students: “It has been a good experience and a lot of fun”. One of the projects John and his team are working on, is to come up with a new bank that specialises in home loans. John compared this to BCs third year projects.

FNB is involved in many ways at the Campus. Not only does the bank select matriculants for learnerships, it also offers internship positions to our diploma and degree students. Did you know that  6% of all FNB IT staff graduated from Belgium Campus?

Students interested in the positions at FNB, will undergo a psychometric test. They will then be invited for an interview. FNB takes pride in the support it offers to the interns. During the internship, students will always work in teams and will also have a mentor. This is a fantastic opportunity for all BC students.