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Belgium Campus: Where learning never stops

Recent news reports have highlighted the problems experienced by universities and tertiary institutions around the country regarding campus protests, shutdowns, vandalism and violence. These issues stem from a multitude of sources, whether it is dissatisfaction with university management, financial reasons or academic requirements.

Whatever the causes may be, the results remain the same: students miss valuable time in class, and may end up having to repeat an academic year. This is a waste of parents’ and students’ time and money, putting students at a disadvantage when competing with students from other institutions.

At Belgium Campus, we believe that the wellbeing and education of our students come first. Throughout our history, we have never needed to shut down or cancel classes due to disruptions. Our staff works closely with the Student Representative Council and individual students, to address problems they may experience so that they never escalate. Financial constraints are of great concern to many students. Belgium Campus has systems in place to help students overcome these hurdles in the best possible way. We are proud of the fact that 60% of students are on full or partial bursaries, easing their financial burden and allowing them to focus on their education.

Education continues and in fact flourishes at Belgium Campus, allowing students to reach their educational and employment goals. Belgium Campus is the right choice for your future!