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Developing a Knowledge Economy in South Africa

Advances in ICT are taking place at a rapid pace and on a global scale. This brings with it challenges for developing countries and continents who may struggle, but need to keep up with these developments.

Given Africa’s ITC growth over the last decade and Belgium Campus’s involvement in developing the ICT professionals of the future, the campus recently hosted a seminar titled: Developing the Knowledge Economy in Africa. This seminar was hosted in conjunction with industry leaders Business Connexion and IBM, together with respected educational institution, US based Marist College.

The first presentation of the day was entitled Importance of the Knowledge Economy in Africa presented by the Director of ICT & Service Industry from the  Department of Science and Technology, Jeanette Morwane. Ms. Morwane was followed by Business Connexion Solution Architect; Dr Karen Luyt with a presentation entitled: Developing Local Skill & Talent in Africa and Launch of IDCP Africa. Both of these presentations emphasised how the creation knowledge has become a commodity within the global economy, and how Africa needs to develop the individuals who are trained in creating new knowledge and using it for economic development.

After a short break, the floor was handed over to Dr. Roger Norton from the Marist College. His presentation entitled: Scaling Education to Reach the Majority described the steps taken by Marist College to improve student performance, educational reach and research through the use of technology. The final presentation of the day: Public & Private collaboration: Meeting the educational needs of Africa & Driving innovation which was presented by Prof. Dr. Kris Willems  together with Prof. Michael Joris (KU Leuven) and Prof. Enrico Jacobs (Vice Chancellor of Belgium Campus).

Through constant interaction with the ICT industry and educational institutions both locally and abroad, Belgium Campus is able to keep ahead of the pack when identifying international trends and needs.


Developing a Knowledge Economy in South Africa