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Belgium Campus from an Employer’s Perspective: Gijima 

Some of the most important employers can be found among bigger companies and public authorities. The need for professionals at the IT departments of banks, insurance companies, computer companies or multinationals is extensive. An IT specialist is responsible for solving a customer’s problems by creating, installing and maintaining networks, computer systems and software systems. An IT specialist is also required to design advanced software systems, construct them and implement different aspects of the project lifecycle.

 One South African company that employs Belgium Campus graduates is Gijima.  It is a proudly empowered South African Information Technology company that is listed on the JSE.  Gijima gained recognition as the complete IT partner to a considerable client base of large technology users in both the public and private sectors.

 “Belgium Campus graduates meet our entry level training requirements in IT and are equipped with a good foundation to start from,” says Mr Gugulethu Mdakane, the Training and Development Manager for Organisational Development at Gijima.  “The fact that we are involved in the development of the curriculum translates into a graduate that aligns perfectly with our business and industry needs.”

 Gijima is involved with a number of different training institutions and universities, underscored by the company’s firm belief in nurturing Public Private Partnerships (PPP).  “South Africa has become part of the global market where knowledge and connectivity are mutually inclusive and forms the basis of value creation.  Education is the cornerstone for the creation of value and is increasingly receiving recognition as a key role player in our country’s future prosperity,” says Mr Mdakane.

 “Tertiary education is necessary for the creation, proper dissemination and application of knowledge,” he adds.  “Countries with well-educated citizens are better equipped to deal with new challenges and technology advances by effectively levelling the playing field from an international perspective.”

 According to South Africa’s Treasury Report, post-secondary education is the key to employability. “Around one in five students take tertiary education studies in South Africa. As Africa’s biggest economy, it is in South Africa’s best interest to encourage its students to pursue tertiary education if it is to keep its position, and better still if it is to compete with other emerging market giants such as Brazil,” Mr Mdakane concludes.