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Belgium Campus: Making an Impact!

There is no denying that Belgium Campus is a smaller institution than most of its competitors, but we are doing big things! Our recent successes show, Belgium Campus is steaming ahead with development plans and forming strategic global partnerships.

In September of 2014, Vice Chancellor Enrico Jacobs attended Entrepreneurial Universities Good Practice Event, in Madrid Spain. The Entrepreneurial Universities scheme is an initiative under the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN).  The conference acknowledged that Belgium Campus is on the right intended track with regards to the development of its Masters programme, and following best practices within the Educational field. To find out more about Entrepreneurial Universities, visit their website.


As part of our growing partnerships, Belgium Campus has also had the pleasure of hosting international guests. In April 2013, the Co-directors of PASCAL, together with the PASCAL Deputy Chairman visited the campus. The visit served as a launch pad for Belgium Campus’s involvement in PURE (PASCAL Universities Regional Engagement) and PUMR (PASCAL Universities Modern Renaissance) programmes. Find out more about PASCAL by visiting their website.


Local government has also patterned with Belgium Campus as part of Government’s commitment to improving research and innovation. Belgium Campus has entered the advanced stages of negotiations with The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) in establishing our Innovation Village, and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) with regards to bursaries.


All this planning and negotiation however does not mean our innovation projects have been put on hold. While we wait for the brick and mortar Innovation Village to be completed, Belgium Campus has completed development on its Solmon solar monitoring system, and been involved with the City of Tshwane Smart Connect project.

Students and the educational fraternity alike are looking forward in excitement to the new partnerships and making an even bigger impact in 2015!