Apply for your MySchool card and support Belgium Campus

Do you offer accommodation/residence?

Yes, we do.

We have places for 150 students. If you register early, you can book early. In this case you don't miss out. 

What are your requirements?

You will need a minimum of 50% in both English and Maths/ Math Literacy. Your type of Maths will determine which course you will be able to follow. Nevertheless you can take part in our maths course beginning of January, before the academic year starts, if you didn’t qualify to upgrade your admission marks.

Do you provide transport to your Campus?

No, we don't.  But we are close to the main road.

What are your Fees?

Depending on your choice of study (Diploma = R51 000, Degree = 63 000 ) including a registration fee of R4 000.

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Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we do.

We have a scholarship test available on our website. It depends on your performance in Grade 11 and the result in our scholarship test.

What courses do you offer?

            We offer a Diploma in Information Technology:



            We offer a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology:     


            We offer a Bachelor Degree of Computing:


Is the Campus in Belgium?

No. The Belgium Campus is located in Pretoria North. Fully registered and accredited in South Africa but also affiliated and recognised in Europe.

Do we offer any sports?

We don't have official teams but our students do come together, depending on the year and type of sport.

Do I need IT or CAT as a subject in High School?

No, you don't need IT or CAT as a subject in order to register as a student at Belgium Campus.

Do you offer certificates?

Not currently, but a few Higher certificates are in the accreditation process.

Do you offer internships?

Yes, in the fourth year of the Bachelor Degree of Computing and in the third year of the Diploma in Information Technology you will have one year of internship as part of the curriculum.

Do you guarantee us jobs? 

Yes, we do. If you succeeded in the academic part we take care to secure you a job.

Well performing Bachelor students get even the opportunity to work for a year in Belgium during the internship.

The way it works here is that we introduce you to companies, where you can get an interview.