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Web Programming 200 Project

As one of their second term projects, student in the 14-2B Web Programming 200 Class were tasked with creating a video sharing website. The aim of the website is to film lecturers before making them accessible to students anywhere in the world online, thus allowing them to experience lectures from any location with internet access.

The site illustrated below was created by Alicia Cameron, and she has included all the features set out in the requirements in a neat, easy to use format. She first tackled the actual video component and she did this brilliantly.  A video archive and search feature using a keyword search function. All of these components ensured a user-friendly site.

As part of the security requirement, first time users would have to register an account and from there on, the site is accessed using the unique password created by the user. There is also an option for the student to deactivate their account. To ensure the site’s integrity, students may submit videos but they will only be uploaded once approved by a lecturer.

To improve communication between students, the site also features a blogging facility. This facility allows students to discuss lectures and gain a better understanding of the subject matter, or discuss Belgium Campus topics.

The really interesting thing about this site, as well as those developed by the other students , it was  created from scratch by Belgium Campus students! A commercial quality site created by a student that could be put online in a heartbeat if they so wished. That is the Belgium Campus difference!


Web Programming 200