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IBM’s Premier training and certification begins

Belgium Campus’ second and third-year students are this week taking part in the IBM’s Premier training and certification initiative. This year, this initiative will be running for the second time and the Security and Big data courses are being facilitated by Jose Espirito Santo from Portugal and Mahmoud Ibrahim from Egypt.

Belgium Campus students are at the core of this unique learning experience, with access to leading edge IT professional skills development. Last year, only third-year students got the chance to do the courses but this year, second-year students have been included as well. Students say the courses have been a bit challenging but they are grateful to be given such a chance because, once they graduate not only do they possess an IT qualification but they will be IBM certified as well, qualities that are highly sought after in the IT industry.

The IBM Middle Eastern, African University program is IBM’s Premier training and certification initiative for academia in the MEA region. Belgium Campus is one of two Universities in South Africa benefiting from IBM’s MEA initiative. Through this initiative, Belgium Campus collaborates with experts and students are educated at international standards. Students are trained and certified in next generation technologies and are well prepared for the IT industry. This initiative plays a significant role in addressing the skills shortage in Africa by working with universities in the region to train and certify lecturers and students in the area of the latest emerging technologies in IT.