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The first Open Day for 2016

Belgium Campus on Saturday held its first Open Day. During his presentation about Belgium Campus, the Vice Chancellor, Enrico Jacobs reiterated that Open days are a brilliant opportunity to find out if one would like to study at Belgium Campus or not. He added that Belgium Campus offers top quality IT education and ensures that students get employed when they graduate.

Open Days enable parents and prospective students to tour the campus, speak with current students and attend different workshops.

"These students are brilliant ambassadors for the school. They could sell it three times over," notes one parent after being given a tour around the campus. “As parents we can look online and study a school's brochure sent to us, but no matter how good those resources are, you can't beat experiencing the atmosphere of the school, you just have to come he added.

Open days are very crucial for parents and prospective students. They can lead to a lasting and pivotal relationship. If the family and the campus hit it off, further dates can be arranged. That's the point at which they form a strong opinion about whether they want to enrol or not. Some prospective students were so impressed they left as fully registered Belgium Campus students.

“I really enjoyed the multimedia and the robotics and scorbot system presentations. They have opened my eyes to a whole different world that I didn’t know existed. I can’t wait to come and study here, the campus looks like a holiday resort but the vice chancellor warned us that people work very hard here’’, said one grade 12 pupil.

Mr Sydney Mundeta, the Belgium Campus liaison officer advised parents that it is important to make time and come for open days. "Accompany your child to Open days. Children know which schools their friends are looking at and they may have an idea of where they want to go. Sometimes an open day confirms that. Other times, they may find it's not what they thought. It is encouraged to be there when your child is making that decision"

Belgium Campus holds its open days three times a year and the next open day is going to be held on the 23rd of July 2016.