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SAP Innovation Centre Experience

BC Students get innovative in the SAP Innovation Centre

Recently, the 3rd year Belgium Campus students had the opportunity to visit the SAP Innovation Centre in Faerie Glen.

The day was hosted Elmarie Venter, a researcher from SAP, together with De Wet Naude, the SAP University Alliances Manager of Sub-Saharan Africa and Danie Kok of Danie Kok Strategic Services. The aim of the day's exercises was to introduce students to the concept of Design Thinking, a process by which teamwork, creativity and real out of the box thinking leads to innovation.

To put words into practice, students first had to build a tower using a marshmallow, spaghetti, tape and some string. This was followed by a full, step by step design and prototyping project where students learned the processes of solution development. The steps followed in this process are, Empathise, Define, "Ideate", Prototype and Test. With these steps taken into account, developers are able indentify gaps in the market or new consumer needs, define what they truly are, come up with ideas to tackle them, build a prototype product or solution and finally, testing it before returning to the drawing board to work out any “kinks”.

Through experiences like these, Belgium Campus students are exposed to the latest business and development techniques, giving students a better understanding of the business world they will enter upon graduation.