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Diploma in Information Technology 

The Belgium Campus Diploma in Information Technology is a practice-orientated qualification, consisting of a common foundational phase and a specialisation phase. The foundation phase gives students insight into the field of Information Technology, while the specialisation phase is career-orientated.

The curriculum focuses on theoretical knowledge as well as execution skills, social skills and professional skills, which ensures the development of our students into well-rounded ICT professionals. The Belgium Campus Diploma on Information Technology is accredited for 388 credits on NQF Level 6

We offer two specialisation streams in the diploma:

Software Development

This curriculum specifically targets the development of applications for desktop computers, networked computers, multiplatform devices and the internet, based on Object-Orientated (OO) programming and Event-Driven (ED) programming.

Graduates will typically find employment as a team-member, supervised by a system architect, a software engineer or a system designer. They will be expected to deliver specific software products according to certain requirements.


This curriculum focuses on the installation, maintenance, support and upgrading of networked computers, servers and mobile devices.

Graduates will usually be employed as system administrators or network administrators, responsible for access of the different users to certain resources available on a given network, the internet or the Cloud, while safeguarding the intellectual property of the company. They might become the overall administrator of a small to medium sized company or a specialised administrator (network, mail, security) for a larger enterprise.

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