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Exchange Programmes

Through our agreements with various European Universities, Belgium Campus is partner to a number of exchange programmes. The aim of these exchange programmes is to allow students and academic staff the opportunity to view the research and programmes being undertaken by their overseas counterparts. Through exchange programmes, our students and staff are exposed to new opportunities, research and findings, and how these can be adopted or adapted in the South African context. These exchange programmes also allows networking on global scale, opening doors to opportunities some might have never imagined. Belgium Campus is part of the following Exchange Programmes:

  • Transition Fellowship Programme

    Belgium Campus is proud to be part of the Flemish Department of Education and Training’s Transition Fellowship Programme. The aim of this scholarship based programme is the promotion of student exchange between Belgium/Flanders with developing countries which are in transition both economically and socially. The transition countries involved in this programme are Brazil, Morocco, South Africa and Turkey. The aim of the programme is to allow students from various fields a chance to carry out projects within a different environment to that in Europe. To find out more about the Transition Fellowship Programme visit the Study in Flanders website.


  • Em2sa