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Robotics Laboratory

To facilitate our Hardware Programming Elective Module, Belgium Campus built a unique Robotics Laboratory in 2013. This cutting edge addition to the campus allows students to acquire and develop valuable skills in the field of robotic programming and computer/machine interactions. This type of training is essential for professionals deployed in industries that require proficient hardware programming specialists. This new elective subject allows students to interact and develop their knowledge with regards to industrial devices and technology.

The course covers the following subjects: 

  • GSM Technologies 
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)
  • Hardware Control
  • Scorbots
  • Interfacing and Interface Programming

For hands on experience, Belgium Campus has acquired a collection of SCORBOT robotic arms, Pick and Place robots,stepper motor controllers, a 3D Printer and the equipment required to conduct research into solar power technology. This equipment has accompanying software, allowing students to gain practical and extensive experience. Students electing this subject are prepared for industries where such technology is essential in daily operations.