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Crest Protea Springbok Lion Star Academic Beret Binary Column Wifi Colours Shield Lines Lines
  1. The Shield: The upward point of the shield points up to the prosperous future of South Africa.
  2. The Protea: The Protea symbolises South Africa’s prosperous future.
  3. The Star: The star is both the universal symbol of quality which Belgium Campus strives for and it represents the Belgian star on the European Union flag, an ode to Belgium Campus’s heritage.
  4. The lines of the crest: These fluid lines represent Belgium Campus’s versatility and flexibility as an institution, the ability to adapt to an ever changing world.
  5. The Springbok: The Springbok represents South Africa’s people and resources, the assets that build this nation.
  6. The Lion: As the heraldic animal of Belgium, the lion represents the resources and support from Belgium.
  7. Central Column: The pillar supports the development of South Africa, the heart of Belgium Campus’s mission. It also represents our core of business teachings and learning.
  8. Academic Beret: The cap of honour represents quality, excellence and achievement, the qualities Belgium Campus strives for as an organisation and which we instil in our graduates.
  9. Binary Code: ICT is in our DNA and the binary code represents the letters BC. It symbolises our dedication to developing knowledge and involvement in scientific development.
  10. The Wi-Fi symbol: The Wi-Fi symbol represents more than just Belgium Campus’s dedication to technology. The circle represents all those in the world, both great and small and network lines represent our social and professional networks, the communities we are part of and engage with.
  11. The Colours of the piping: The combined colours of the crest, black, yellow, green, red, white and blue, represent the proud colours of both the South African and Belgian flags. Green plays a significant role in the crest representing the hope for a better future.
  12. Motto: United We Conquer- Together with our stakeholders, students, staff and friends, both near and far, we will conquer difficulties and break free from any restraints. By working together, we can help develop our world and create prosperity in South Africa and beyond.