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Belgium Campus Strategic Partnership

On the 8th and 9th of September, Belgium Campus Vice Chancellor Mr. Enrico Jacobs, together with Dean of Education, Mr. Brian Williams, attended the  Strategic Partnership Event held  in Limburg Belgium and  hosted by the KU Leuven Association.

The event was held to both announce, and celebrate the selection of four International Strategic Partners who will work hand in hand with the newly established University College Leuven Limburg or UCLL. UCLL is a merger of KHLIM, KHLeuven and Groep T and consists of 15,000 students.  The strategic partners are the Hanzehogeschool Groningen University of Applied Sciences and the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences both in The Netherlands, the Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Finland, and the only non-European partner, Belgium Campus.

The role of the strategic partner universities is to provide guidance and consultation to UCLL, with regards to their 5 Ambitions or Visions which include the following:

  • Creating more opportunities to prepare students for the job market of today, and in the future.
  • Giving student international exposure, while considering the effects of globalisation and the preparedness of students for it. Exposing students to international workplace training, in both developed and developing countries.
  • Adding value to the Region.
  • Creating a strong Identity.
  • Using ICT as an enabler within education and research.

This new partnership serves to strengthen the existing MoU that Belgium Campus has in place with our international partners. This MoU was first signed in 2002, and recently renewed during the visit of HRH Princess Astrid of Belgium in 2013. Through this partnership, all parties involved collaborate on best practices and visions to improve education and research, becoming more connected towards their goals.

Taking the first step in showcasing one of its best practices was Belgium Campus. During the event, Belgium Campus was given the opportunity to explain its Participative Model of Education. This revolutionary approach to education truly puts students first, and prepares them to add real value to their world.

It’s through partnerships like this that Belgium Campus endeavours to give students only the best! Whether it is international exchange or adoption of international best practices, these kinds of new developments will ultimately prepare students for an ever-changing world.

To find out more about this exciting new development, visit or check out their latest Youtube video

From Left to Right: Dr. H.J. Pijlman, Chairman, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, Dr. K. van Rosmalen, President, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, Dr. Ir. T. Martens, Vice-Chancellor, University College Leuven Limburg, Belgium, Ms. J. Ignatius, Executive Director: Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland, Mr. E.M. Jacobs, Vice-Chancellor, Belgium Campus, South Africa.

Belgium Campus Strategic Partnership