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Our Students at Work: Charl Coetsee

Charl Coetsee is one of our 4th Year Degree students who is balancing his in-service training year with Kaizen IT Solutions, and writing his thesis!

Charl’s journey to Kaizen IT Solutions started in Grade 10, doing IT at school: “I always found it (technology) interesting. It is always changing and I like learning something new every time”.  After Matric, Charl chose to study at Belgium Campus based on the number of credits awarded to our Bachelor Degree of Computing, and the international accreditation. When asked what he thinks makes Belgium Campus different, he says it’s mainly the size: “There is more interaction between students and lecturers, and you get more one on one time”.

Charl didn’t find the transition from studying to working hard, stating that “BC prepared me quite well for what I could expect”.   With regard to what he has gained from his work experience, Charl says: “I gained valuable experience. I‘ve done real testing, real development and I had to meet real deadlines”. This experience includes developing a new claims system for Hollard Insurance, a proof of concept for the National Bargaining Council, a tax system for DeLoitte, and working on his favourite project: developing a workflow system for Strata Healthcare.“It allowed me to gain the most experience and I used the most technology: Sharepoint, C#, SQL, K2, SISS and IISS!”

Charl was entrusted with so many tasks, which says a lot about the quality of Charl’s work and his abilities. His manager, Mr Dirk van der Merwe confirms: “He (Charl) does good quality work for a junior developer who has just finished studying”. He adds that Charl’s strengths lie in his ability to “work independently, and when given a task, he will do the research and first try by himself before asking for help if needed”.  Charl’s growth with Kaizen IT does not stop here: they are helping him build on his skills by letting him write a number of Microsoft exams.

So what are Charl’s plans for the future?  Through his hard work and performance, Charl is now a permanent employee of Kaizen IT Solutions. He plans staying with the company as he sees huge scope for growth and opportunities! 

“We have few Belgium Campus students working for us, and we are satisfied with their skill level and competency” - Dirk Van Der Merwe:  Account Manager/Team Leader Kaizen IT Solutions.


Dirk Van Der Merwe (Left) with Charl Coetsee (Right)