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Belgium Campus is one of two Universities in South Africa benefiting from IBM’s MEA initiative. This allows us to provide our students and staff the opportunity to work with experts who are at the top of their field and using cutting edge technology.

IBM invested 60 Million Dollars into the Africa Skills Program.  The IBM Middle Eastern, African University program is IBM’s Premier training and certification initiative for academia in the MEA region. Through this initiative, IBM makes available world class training experience, leveraging IBM official courses, IBM official instructors and hands-on laboratories on the most advanced technology, all provided through a face to face and online education environment that supports rich multimedia content in a variety of languages.

During the first week of September, IBM presented three of their MEA University courses to selected Belgium Campus students and staff.  The three academic courses offered were: Mobile Development, Big Data and Security. At the end of the workshops students and staff are offered an opportunity to write the international exams.

The IBM team consisted of Radwa Ghazy, Ismael ElDahshan, Dina Sayed, Jose Espirito Santo, Kevin Kimathi and Jaun Pablo Napoli. The team are experts in various ICT fields and they came from all over the world (Egypt, Portugal, Kenya and Argentina) to give the students a rich learning experience during their weeklong stay in South Africa. Radwa Ghazy together with Ismael ElDahshan presented the practical section of the Mobile Application Development using the Worklight System. Dina Sayed and Jose Espirito Santo presented the overview of Big Data and Scripting language while Kevin Kimathi trained the students in application security. The project Manager of the MEA initiative, Jaun Pablo Napoli, ensured the smooth running of the project.

The IBM experts had only positive feedback about the Belgium Campus students and staff.  They stated that the students were brave to take on the course since it is actually meant for the lecturers. The experts commented that the students are very good at perceiving new concepts. Kevin Kimathi stated that all students were very curious about his course because their Belgium Campus projects would benefit from the new knowledge; he also stated that the students have a solid foundation. The experts were impressed with the students and that they were able to do the exercises. The students were the best that they have seen in the region.

Feedback from the students is that the course was difficult and great fun, but it was worth all the effort and energy. Students were impressed by the skills and the professionalism of the IBM team. “Looking back at the course, it was an honour and a privilege to have attended such a specialised training as a student.” said Miss Charlotte Kruger.