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Belgium Campus students have completed the IBM security course after attending lessons for a week. Of the 15 who wrote the exams, 11 of them passed. IBM representatives were very impressed with the performance of the students as they attained a 73% pass rate. Students who were in the Big data course lessons will be writing their examination on the 20th of April.

According to Thinus Kritzinger, the Belgium Campus Dean, preparations for the June courses are already underway. “We are planning on running four courses during the June holidays, initially we had only planned to run the Data analysis and the Mobile development courses but because of the demand and the success of the courses, we will be running two courses the first week of the holiday, that is on the 27th of June to the 1st of July and two from the 4th to the 8th of July.

One of the facilitators, Mahmound Ibrahim gave praises to the Belgium Campus students for their enthusiasm. ”Am very impressed with the quality of these students. It’s during their holidays but the motivation and the enthusiasm they have showed is exceptional, the whole exercise has been well organised, it has been a great joy being here.”

In June, the lecturers who were assistants during the just ended courses will actually be facilitating the courses and the lecturers who wrote the exam now will be assistants then.