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Why Belgium Campus?

Established in 1999 by Belgian entrepreneurs Jan Rombouts and Enrico Jacobs, Belgium Campus is dedicated to alleviating the educational and unemployment challenges that exist in South Africa.

Belgium Campus grew from the observation that South Africa experiences very high unemployment rates, yet companies find it difficult to source skilled individuals who are equipped to fill the positions they require. One sector which is struggling under these conditions is the ICT sector which does not have enough qualified candidates to fill industry demands. Understanding this dilemma, and realising that traditional institutions of higher learning often produce graduates who are not employable; Belgium Campus devised and implemented pioneering methods to address these issues.

The programmes and curricula at Belgium Campus are constantly evolving, based on the needs of industry, a direct result of our Participative Model of Education and its holistic approach to education in a professional context. This innovative approach focuses on equipping students with the right type of education, fit for the industry. The development of both academic and personal skills guarantees immediate employability for our students in the dynamic world of ICT. Belgium Campus boasts a 100% graduate employment rate. Furthermore, the South African ICT-industry has awarded Belgium Campus R12 million towards bursaries and scholarships in 2013, a testimony to the trust we have earned from the industry.

It is thanks to the quality of our education and progressive views on the industry and society, which has allowed Belgium Campus’s student body to grow steadily from 7 to over 500 since our inception. As part of our commitment to growth, we have exciting plans to develop our facilities to cater for more students, and by 2017 we will boast a student body in excess of 800. The success of our education model has also attracted faculty and staff of the highest calibre and to date, permanently employs more than 80 people.

It’s through our dedication that Belgium Campus has developed into the number 1 institution in South Africa for diplomas and degrees in ICT. We are the only institution that concentrates exclusively on the ICT sector and produces up to 10% of its graduates in South Africa every year. Our qualifications are locally and internationally accredited to the highest academic standards available in South Africa, obtaining the recognition of our international partners, including the Association of the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium).

Our academic programmes equip our students with the desired theoretical and practical knowledge, the soft skills required to interact professionally in the business world, a world class qualification, and the assurance of success when entering the workplace. We mainly accommodate full-time students, but can facilitate programmes for employees, with minimum disruption to work commitments.

As part of our broader views on society and creating positive impact, Belgium Campus has adopted a Christian vision on humanity and society. This ensures an institution with an open climate and the promotion of cooperation between different cultures, races and religions. We place special emphasis on the importance of human dignity and the protection of those who are vulnerable, resulting in an intellectual atmosphere conducive to spiritual development.

As a not for profit company, recognised Public Beneficiary Organisation (PBO) and a level 2 BEE contributor (Certificate no. 01/B-BBEE/2015/00510QSE), Belgium Campus is wholly committed to the improvement of the ICT industry and upliftment of society. We honour this commitment with top quality education and skills development.