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Admission requirements

Belgium Campus does not put an age restriction on their students, but a minimum standard for admission, as follows:

  A candidate must possess a National Senior Certificate (NSC) as certified by Umalusi or an equivalent foreign qualification that has been converted by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The endorsement specifies whether the candidate may enrol for study for a diploma or a bachelor degree.

·         -   All students must be proficient in spoken and written English, with the exception of profoundly deaf students, where the oral mode is replaced by a manual mode of communication.

Additional requirements for a degree:

·      -   A passing grade for Mathematics. Applicants who completed Mathematics Literacy have to attend an Introductory Mathematics module before the academic year commences. Passing this module, will allow the applicant to enrol for a degree programme. Unsuccessful candidates may still enrol for a diploma programme.

-     -   No prior knowledge or experience of computer science is required or assumed. Candidates, who intend to enrol for a degree programme, may elect to attend a module in End User Computing before the academic year commences.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is applicable and valuable. Please contact us for more information should it be applicable to you. For more information about the admission requirements, click here