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Extra Opportunities Available! 

Belgium Campus is proud to announce that in 2015, we are able to give more students the opportunity to enter higher education.

As part of our commitment to students wishing to study at Belgium Campus, we have added an extra class to all 3 of our academic offerings. You now have another opportunity to enrol for either our; 3 year Diploma in Information Technology (Software Development or Infrastructure specialisation streams), 3 year Bachelor Degree Information Technology (Software Development specialisation stream),or 4 year Bachelor Degree of Computing (Business Intelligence or Software Engineering specialisation streams).  To further assist students, we have also made available a number of partial and full bursaries. These will be awarded to students with exceptional matric results, and who qualify for entry into a Bachelor Degree (terms and conditions apply).

If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity please contact Belgium Campus during office hours on (012)542-3114 or email  Alternatively you are welcome to visit our campus from Monday to Friday between 08h00 and 17h00 (Excluding public holidays) to write our aptitude test.