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From Thursday 22 October until Saturday, 24 October, Belgium Campus was at the My World of Tomorrow Conference and Exhibition. The My World of Tomorrow Conference and Exhibition was a three day technology and lifestyle experience that incorporated a variety of sectors.

Belgium Campus along with numerous other corporations such as Telkom, Business Connexion was able to show visitors the technology of tomorrow in an informative, engaging and exciting way.

The exhibition zone was perfect for Belgium Campus staff and students to showcase the Campus and the Bothlale Village. The visitors were very interested to hear about the new innovations at the Campus and some expressed their desire to be part of our innovations.

The Bothale Village is a platform where education, research and innovation meet through ICT.  Some of our projects are:

1.      Smart Connect - An intelligent ICT solution that brings together stakeholders across the service delivery value chain through one single point of online communication adapted to the individual user. The App will significantly improve service delivery.

2.       Tele- Coaching for Pregnant Women – This operates through a web based application that frequently and adequately monitors obese pregnant women during their pregnancy via data inserted by the mother or a Blue Tooth Device. The aim is to bring down the number of deaths and serious complications.

3.       Smart Farm – A solution that provides farmers with accurate real-time data on crucial factors pertaining to effective farm management including weather conditions, the health status of crops and herds, alerts and advice.

4.       Solmon – A cloud based solar panel monitoring system that consists of a Remote Terminal Unit and a Geographical Information System that collects vital data on functioning of the solar system and transmits it to all stake holders across the value chain. This will allow effective planning of maintenance of the panels which are spread over a large area.

5.    SkillVille – A cross-platform multimedia cloud-based tool in the form of a game that offers a virtual education environment where children and teenagers can learn about social skills and competences through interactive scenarios and exercises on different social topics.

Overall the exhibition was a huge success for the Campus and we hope to have a hand in countless more technological innovation seminars and exhibitions.