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Belgium Campus and Women in ICT grant 20 four-year ICT scholarships to black females

The Vice Chancellor of Belgium Campus, Enrico Jacobs together with Mrs Nokuzola Ehrens, the Women in ICT chairperson have officially welcomed 20 girls who received ICT degree scholarships and accommodation sponsorships.

The girls who are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds will get a chance to study Information Technology and acquire crucial skills that are scarce in the South African labour market. Mr Enrico Jacobs urged the girls to work hard in order to make a difference in their lives and in their communities.

“You need to take your studies seriously and work very hard. It is not going to be easy but I trust that you are a dedicated group that wants to achieve great things in life.

Speaking at the same occasion, Mrs Nokuzola Ehrens, encouraged the girls to make use of the chance that they have been accorded.

‘’I am what I am today because someone saw my results and gave me a chance at a brighter future. I took that chance and made use of it. You have also been given that chance please concentrate on your studies and don’t be distracted by other things that will jeopardise your future. Work hard and if there is something you don’t understand ask so that you can benefit from this programme. We are here in strength and strength is unity. If we work together as a group we succeed together as a group”

The girls who were visibly beaming with happiness commenced their studies on the 4th of April and will reside at Belgium Campus student residency for the duration of their studies.

Belgium Campus sponsored the tuition of the twenty black female students and the search for the brilliant and well deserving girls was a collaborative effort of Mrs Nokuzola Ehrens and Gqibelo Dandala, who leads the networks of FOTAD (Future of the African Daughter) masterminded by Mrs Nokuzola Ehrens. The two dedicated and inspirational women who are very passionate about uplifting the lives of black females brought energy and passion to this project.

Gender inequality exists in the male-dominated ICT field, a multitude of foundations, organisations and philanthropic funds strive to create greater balance in the workforce by offering scholarships and other educational assistance for the exclusive benefit of female students. It is against this background that Belgium Campus in collaboration with Women in ICT has successfully sponsored the girls from previously disadvantaged backgrounds to study Information Technology.