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Our Students at work: Eben Goosen

Sometimes in life, things you may have never considered can turn out to be the best for you. This is exactly what happened to Eben Goosen who is completing his In-service training at Flowcentric Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

In Matric, Eben had no any real intention of studying IT, “I wanted to study music production but when I saw how one of my friends who had completed his studies, was struggling to find a job, that’s when I decided to make the move into IT”. This eye opener cemented Eben’s decision to study at Belgium Campus.

Studying at Belgium Campus prepared Eben for the working environment, and in his fourth year he had the opportunity to join Flowcentric, “If I had not studied at Belgium Campus, I would not have got the opportunity to work here. I would have struggled if it wasn’t for what I learnt at Belgium Campus”.  

Working as an Intern Solution Consultant, Eben has developed processes for major branded companies. He has also developed internal processes that allows for internal operational efficiencies to be improved within the company.

Eben‘s hard work and abilities have not gone unnoticed as FlowCentric have made him a permanent offer which he accepted.  Odette Pieters, a Director at Flowcentric says she has been highly impressed by Eben’s work, his eagerness, and the fact that he is diligent at what he does, “He fits in well with the team”.  

With his permanent employment now secured, Eben says he would suggest Belgium Campus to matric learners: “You learn a lot of different programming languages and they assist you in the process of transformation from a matric pupil to a potential employee which prepares you for the process to secure your employment”. Eben’s future plans are to stay with Flowcentric, and build a successful career. 

Ms. Odette Pieters (Left) with Eben Goosen (Right)