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AMAX Accounting.


AMAX Accounting contracted a lead developer to create and complete a version 2 of the system that they resell and use as their daily system. The project grew in scope and the time to market increased, which was unacceptable to the product owner. The Belgium Campus team was hired to assist in the project and complete certain modules of the system.


The work is divided amongst the team consisting of Robert Rogers, Hermenegildo Isaias, Charlottha Kruger and Riaan van Rooyen. There are no strict roles in the team, rather each one suggests what feature they feel they could complete in the estimated time. The project is built using very popular technologies namely NodeJs and MongoDB which is quite a learning curve for the team coming from a primarily C# background.


The project provides amazing exposure for each member in terms of professionalism with a client, as well as to the wide variety of technologies being used.