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On the 22nd of June, the very first of the Think-Shift Dialogues was launched at our brand-new Kempton Park campus. With business and industry heavy-weights in attendance, these Dialogues provided a platform to discuss pressing issues faced in South Africa’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector as well as aspects such as skills shortages and transformation. Think-Shift Dialogues originated to act as a space for collaborative discussion and debate surrounding the ICT sector, pressing industry demands and the need for innovative thinking.


Hosted by the Principal, Enrico Jacobs, the first of these Dialogues was a resounding success with panellists Nokuzola Ehrens (Chairperson of the South African Women in ICT Dialogues as well as the ICT Sector Council), Grant Pentelow (Technical Training Manager at FNB) and Phillip du Plessis (BEE specialist) providing invaluable insight on the key topic for the Dialogue. Also part of the panel was De Wet Naude, Senior Director of SAP University Alliances in Sub-Saharan Africa


Think-Shift Dialogues, held every 8 weeks, are designed to stimulate discussion on vital topics such as these and to drive collaboration and participation, both key to jointly addressing problems and challenges facing business today. The next Think-Shift Dialogues, scheduled for 24 August 2016, will explore cyber security, globalisation, emerging technologies and the new breed of millennial employees.