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The Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is more than a building; it’s a beacon that represents Belgium Campus’s dedication to excellence in all of its activities. This venture serves multiple purposes, supporting our current requirements and enabling the introduction of future development. All activities undertaken in the Innovation Hub are aligned with the goal of improving the lives of members of the community in this region. Research should always be conducted with the deontological purpose of serving the needs of the citizens. Learning is a directional activity; learning from the community and teaching the community.

Research projects must yield tangible and positive results for the regional community. Information and Communication Technology will be exploited in innovative ways to provide tangible benefits in areas where they may impact the community and bring about transformation in our everyday lives.

The Innovation Hub is also an incubator for economic entities, where research students conduct their activities within virtual companies. To help these students and their companies grow, Belgium Campus supports them with regard to all the processes related to operating a going concern. Successful projects may lead to the creation of new Small to Medium Enterprises that valorise the knowledge gained, and systems developed. This type of development leads to positive growth in the local economy and contributes to the improvement of the region in the true spirit of Ubuntu.

To facilitate the meeting of minds and growth of knowledge, research students will organise conferences to promote their results and development projects, utilising the building’s exhibition centre and auditorium. Meetings like these bring together academics, representatives from business and industry, government leaders and potential beneficiaries of the implemented projects. A synergistic cross-fertilisation of ideas and a network of likeminded innovators will lead to the delivery of solutions of exceptional value, benefiting all stakeholders.

Innovation Hub Projects:

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