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   Belgium Campus signed a University Alliance Agreement with IBM. IBM and Belgium Campus agreed to work together toward the goal of fostering world-class cooperative programs that will contribute to the development of an advanced educational and training environment in South Africa, utilising leading edge, advanced computing technologies. IBM and Belgium Campus agreed to jointly implement the “MEA University” program. The MEA program is a new academic certification program in the areas of emerging technologies. The MEA initiative emphasises the role of IBM to develop careers in high technology computer industry which would provide the basis for developing the African economy and the African IT workforce. The Objective of the MEA program is to prepare the students for a career in the IT industry, shape local ability according to international standard in new areas and provide an environment for nonstop technical update. IBM experts will present to the selected Belgium Campus students who will have the opportunity to write the international IBM exams and receive certification in the following areas: Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Security Intelligence, and Mobile Application Development, the training will be held during our Spring break.