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The Participative Model of Education

The Participative Model of Education is a unique, holistic educational model created, pioneered and proven successful by Belgium Campus. The model is designed to deliver graduates who are immediately employable and are able to serve the needs of business and our economy. To achieve this, we create a collaborative platform between key role players and address the needs of all stakeholders:

  • Students

    Developing graduates with the right skills, attitudes and discipline by ensuring that the educational process matches individuals with the right aptitude for their chosen career path, while providing a supportive environment for learning and personal development.

  • Business

    Engaging with business to ensure that education meets the needs of industry and local regions, delivering graduates who not only possess the academic qualifications, but the soft skills and business understanding that makes them well-rounded and immediately employable.

  • Regional Role Players

    As a tertiary education provider, Belgium Campus delivers graduates with the skills that make them relevant to the demands of the local economy. This requires an understanding of the business and regional environment to ensure that the curriculum is aligned to business needs.

  • Academia

    Understanding the importance of setting standards, creating a relevant curriculum and able to assess exit level outcomes.

  • Government

    Government plays a crucial role in the education of our youth and setting the tone for engagement between stakeholders.

The result is a qualified individual that complements the work environment and possesses more than just theoretical knowledge, but soft skills and business skills that are a quintessential part of a graduate that adds value from day one. Belgium Campus achieves this by incorporating practical exercises, assignments and projects into the curriculum that are true representations of tasks and challenges experienced by our business partners who are heavily involved with the development of our curriculum.

The Participative Model has contributed not only to the exceptionally high pass rates of Belgium Campus students, but more significantly to the 100% employment rate our its graduates. The model brings significant benefits for educational institutions, businesses and government. It presents itself as a worthy alternative to address South Africa’s pressing skills needs and education challenges by nurturing role player participation and market relevance.