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Belgium Campus: Making its mark in the world of Digital Innovation

Recognising strength in collaborations

We have throughout the years recognised the strength in collaborating with top-ranked universities. Having strategically placed ourselves by collaborating with PennState and KU Leuven, Professor Mike Erdman, Prof Dena Lang and Prof Meg Handley from PennState hosted Prof Jacobs and Prof Chris from KU Leuven together with three Belgium Campus students who had the opportunity to go to the United States to present their innovation projects.

A new Memorandum Of Understanding being drafted is a testimony of the current successful collaboration between the three parties. This will not only enable Belgium Campus to bolster its ties but also embrace the future of collaborating with these giants.

Moreover, new opportunities have been created for our 2nd-year students to join PennState junior students in a course called Engineering across Cultures and Nations which form part of the Academic leadership programme. Students will be able to work on their leadership skills in virtual international teams. During their stay, Prof Jacobs was invited to judge a number of innovation projects and spoke to the Dean and faculty members. He had a tour of the massive university which enrols about 40 000 students.He also toured the Beaver Stadium the home of the “Nittany Lions” which has a capacity of a little over 100 000.

Prof Jacobs said “It is important that our students possess a set of skills which ensure that they are desirable in the industry. Belgium Campus continues to expose its students to all these exciting opportunities. Both our student groups virtually and present successfully presented their innovation projects. This formed a basis for the continuation of this wonderful opportunity.”