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Our Students at Work: Milan Botha

The media industry is one of the largest industries in the world. With products spread over multiple platforms, companies are embracing the internet more than ever! Maroela Media in Pretoria is one such company, and Belgium Campus student, Milan Botha is helping them do just that.

Milan joined Maroela Media in 2014 to do her in-service training as a Junior Web Developer. Like some students, Milan did not envisage doing IT after high school, originally planning to study Psychology. Her decision to study IT came after weighing up the financial and career benefits of studying IT. Milan says: “The idea of going to Belgium and guaranteed employment after my studies helped me make my final decision to study at Belgium Campus”.

Now that she is out of the classroom and in the working environment, Milan is actually finding development easier! She says: “It actually seems easier in the work environment. You see how it comes together and the final outcome”. The final outcome she is talking about includes helping to build, maintain and update the company’s Wordpress website, using Mad-Mimi to build the newsletter and using Google Adwords. Milan admits that some of these programmes are new to her, but she has learnt a lot and will definitely continue in this direction! Her goal is to become a Project Manager.

Kobus Bezuidenhout , the Senior Web Developer at Maroela Media works with Milan, and he has been impressed with Milan’s performance. He says: “She’s dedicated and thorough with an eye for detail. We are very alike, using a systematic approach and working through it”. Kobus also rates Milan’s abilities highly and her willingness to learn. He states:“She has taught me a lot as I’m not a programmer. She puts the ego aside to get the project done! She is constantly striving for the best and most elegant solutions”.

With a manager who rates her skills very highly and a passion for a job, Milan can look forward to a successful future in the industry. There is no doubt that she will reach her goal of becoming a Project Manager, and going even further!

Senior Web Developer Kobus Bezuidenhout (Left) with Milan Botha (Right)